RIVERPAINTINGS – Jagst hike & paint continuation

JAGST hike & paint

Those who did not read my older blogposts might not know that I did several consecutive hikes along Jagst river from Crailsheim to Kirchberg in different steps some time ago.

The rules for my hike & paint project were to always start a new hike at about the same point, the last hike ended in order to get a full picture of the way westwards along Jagst river. In between I made stops and painted what was interesting to me, like fauna, flora, landscapes, panoramics, and above all the water of my home river: JAGST

Soon I will do a continuation of this hike & paint project, which I will call RIVERPAINTINGS.

My new starting point will be Kirchberg and I will walk towards Langenburg in several step. How many it will be I do not know yet. But I know that the interesting things will again be the change of seasons in my paintings and the things I experience on the way.

Have fun following my RIVERPAINTINGS journey and see the hidden treasures of my beloved Hohenlohe Region.

Bettina Ruppert


(the above photo shows a place called Eichenau, which you will find westwards after leaving Kirchberg along Jagst River.  There is a wonderful stone bridge by the weir. This painting was done last summer.)