Workshops / Exhibitions

Workshops fürs 1. Semester 2024 mit Bettina Ruppert

Bitte reservieren sie die Kurse, die sie besuchen möchten rechtzeitig im voraus, damit wir planen können. Danke.



Wenn sie an einem meiner Workshops interessiert sind, melden sie sich bitte bei mir und ich füge sie zu meiner Mailingliste dazu. Gerne kann auch ein Kurs auf Wunsch stattfinden, wenn sie mindestens 6 und maximal 15 Teilnehmer zusammenbringen. 

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If you are interested in taking one of my workshops, please contact me and I will add you to my mailing list. I’m also available to give a workshop in your city or with your watercolour group, if we can round up enough participants. For more information you can get in touch with me:


workshop watercolour for beginners

As a foundation we do a quick overview on colour theory and then jump into mixing and painting. Any level welcome, max. 15 participants

Aquarellkurs Pflanzen & blumen / workshop FLOWERS IN WATERCOLOUR

We learn the fun of negative painting plus tips & tricks when painting flowers. Any level welcome, max. 15 participants

urban sketching workshop
'mein skizzenbuch' /
"my personal sketchbook"

Theme based sketchbook design
(i.e. your travel experiences)
We sum up drawings / watercolours plus text to create beautiful sketchbook spreads.
Our aim is to:
- draw quickly
- compose colours and layout
- add text
any level welcome,
max. 15 participants.

workshop Portraitmalen in aquarell / portrait painting in watercolour

This workshop is a watercolour workshop, where we learn how to draw and paint people.
We will learn about
- face features
- skin colours
- shadow & light
- colour mixing
- colour value
- luminous colour
to create convincing and characteristic portraits.

What You Get

Escape the hectic world for a good foundation of drawing and  painting in watercolour.

–  Learn the sketching principles and step by step watercolouring

–  Learn to understand the mixing techniques to create a world of colours.

–  Learn to see. Learn to simplify. Learn to create a powerful composition.

We share the passion for watercolours