Painting with a triad of primaries

Today I would like to show you the process of a watercolour painting and give you a glimpse into my world of watercolour.

First is the drawing part. I use a usual lead pencil for the hand drawing and as a righthander begin from left to right in order not to smeer my paper.

Then I arrange my colours. In this case I began with a triad of primaries which are yellow, red and blue. I check in advance which colour combinations work best for my watercolour painting. This is some testing work in advance, but worth it.

The next part is glazing/layering. I put a layer of colours mixed out of the tree tones and let them dry, then next layer and again let dry and so on, till I am satisfied with the result.

I go from light to dark and put the darkest tones in the end. If ever I am not sure about how dark I want to go I make a separate value sketch.

In the end the darkest parts and the most important zones in the painting are drawn with the brightest colours.

If you or your group would like to learn more about watercolouring, you are welcome to contact me for a workshop: