A fresh look for our paintings


Sometimes mixed paints can look muddy or washed out and can make a painting look boring.

In my opinion the look is fresher if some of the colours that are used are unmixed and fresh to create a bright look. This does not mean that you keep your mixing palette extremely clean, as mixed colours and neutrals are absolutely needed as well.

In my upper sketch I used mixed colours all around the seat, but my focal point is the cushion and there I used a bright cadmium orange straight out of the tube.

As I start a sketch or a painting I first think about the colours I would like to use.  A good planning to get a fresh look would cover the following thoughts:

  • Keep some white space (white is our lightest colour in watercolour – you can mark the areas with your pencil if needed and erase the marks later)
  • Use bright, unmixed colours in some areas (which are probably the most important for you – focal points)
  • Care for colour temperature and
  • Value ( and if it helps, do a thumbnail first)
  • look for page composition as well as for colour composition before you start
Happy painting everybody.
Let me know what you do to bring a fresh look into your paintings…

Art Calendar 2020

My Art Calendar for the year 2020 just arrived and I am happy that the prints came out very nicely. Written in German. Size is 21 x 21 cm with cover + 12 pages: Each month with an artprint of one of my flower watercolours + calendarium below. Shipping all over the world is possible. SORRY – SOLD OUT

The calendar 2020 is sold out.

My first post

Dear Friends, this is the first post on my new site and I would like to say that my site is developing but far from being finished. Construction takes time, but this is nearly as fun as painting.

My first post shows three different persons I met lately and painted afterwards. Happy painting everybody.