Jagst hike & paint, Etappe 6

weisse Anemone

JAGST hike & paint - close to Heinzenmühle

During the last few weeks the weather was not on my side and I therefore did not go far for sketching or painting. Whilst nature is getting a new dress, which means that spring is everywhere, it is time to do another small step in my Jagst-diary.

Due to the short timespan I had the day I wanted to continue my Jagst tour, I would concentrate on the „flora by the water“ only.  In order to be more flexible and faster, I used a smaller paper format as well.

After exploring the small white anemones on the ground (see above), I found some marsh marygolds at the edge of the water. (While fighting through the undergrowth I got some splinters as I tried to get a closer view of that marygold plant. ) Fantastic colours everywhere.

marsh marygold

My short episode ended quite fast and I added a few touches of colour later in the studio. Next time I absolutely would like to stay longer – so much to paint as nature explodes…

Material: 20 x 20 cm Clairefontaine paper

Seen: Focus on anything with blooms…therefore a lot.

Weather: Very cloudy, a few drops of rain and intermediate sunshine

Thoughts: Too short timespan again…painting outside is the best…unpredictable weather and obligations prevented me from painting more…my aim is to free myself up for more time to paint.